Christacy brings an incomparable sound to his music that has yet to be found in popular entertainment today. His blend of sensual and modern lyrics with a hip, pop-rap vibe has earned him the title, “The Bad Boy of Pop,” from his fans. A true showman and performer, Christacy delivers a musical style that is mature, luring,

passionate, sexy and charming.


Born and raised in Chicago, Christacy began his career experimenting in his basement

with keyboards and pro-tools and has since developed exceptional skills as a

singer- songwriter. His distinctive Midwest swagger has graced both national and international stages, from Los Angeles to New York, Orlando to Toronto and as far as Russia. He brings an exceptional level of entertainment to his fans with a sound that is

ready for radio and dance clubs worldwide.


In 2007, Christacy placed in the Top 25 of Fox’s television sensation, “So You Think You Can Dance” as the only “untrained” finalist. He blew the judges away with his smooth rhythm and inimitable hip hop moves. Today, he seeks to entertain and share his love of pop music with the masses. Christacy recently finished recording three hot new singles: “Body Language,” “Be Your Man” and “Ooh La La” at

OneSun Entertainment Group within Chicago Recording Company (CRC), which will drop in May 2012.  Christacy’s soulfulness and showmanship is powerful beyond measure and in his own words,

“I don’t dream of being the next somebody…just the first me.”